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Home Charging includes:

  • 14 mono Solar panels 4,55kWp (Mounting system included)
  • Energy Storage 6kw/ 34kWh
  • Charging box from Garo or DEFA is included

Store your renewable energy and fill up your electric car with your own fossil free solar power.

Package for homeowners:

Addresses homeowners that want to charge their electric car or plug-in hybrid with their own produced solar power.

With our “Home Charging”-system you can charge your electric car or charging hybrid with 6kW directly from your own energy storage.

The full package includes 14 solar panels (325W), Energy storage (6kW, 34 kWh) and solar panel mounting systems. Charging box from GARO or DEFA included.

The PLS Energy “Home Charging” is easily connected to your existing electricity grid in the property. Through our smart hybrid solution you can see both your consumption and production from your solar panels.

Please note that this has 2 cabinets for the energy storage, these are 61x61x145 cm and weigh about 600 kg per cabinet.

Easy installation of our experienced staff gives you as a customer a safe operational reliability. Choose between package solutions and customized systems for your property.