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Solar energy

The energy we get from the sun is infinite and renewable, which means we don't need to use fossil fuels such as coal or oil. Solar energy absorbed by solar cells to produce electricity is fossil free and renewable with minimal climate impact. The lifespan of a solar cell is estimated to be around 30 years, which makes it a sustainable alternative as an energy source. The biggest environmental impact that a solar cell has comes from the manufacturing process, like many other products that are manufactured. For these reasons, we only work with energy solutions where renewable energy sources play the main role.

Solar energy, energy storage and energy management

The irradiation in Sweden occurs throughout the year, but is naturally higher during the summer months. The challenge is to get an even distribution during all months of the year, and therefore energy storage is needed, which is one of PLS Energy's areas of expertise. We specialize in combining solar cells and batteries in different types of facilities. These facilities can also be optimized through digital control of artificial intelligence on the Swedish power grid's frequency market.

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