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Our work

Smart technology is the energy storage of the future


Our main purpose with our work is to contribute with a systems approach within the energy industry. We exist to ensure sustainably produced energy that balances the entire system. By combining energy parts that work together under the control of artificial intelligence, we achieve smart system technology now and for the future. Our collective expertise creates unique energy concepts in the form of parks, facilities and installations. In addition to on-site projects, we take initiatives in favor of development in research and innovation within the framework of energy efficiency and increased access to energy worldwide.

Circular energy project at Bilia

At Bilia's head quarters in Sisjön, there is the largest circular energy storage project with recycled batteries. Ecris supplied the energy storage and we were responsible for the solar cell installation. The project was completed at the beginning of 2023 with the end result that used batteries were used to make renewable energy planable – a win for both the environment and Bilia.

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The EU project 2LIPP

On Bornholm, the EU project 2LIPP (Second Life for Power Plants) is ongoing with the main question of how we can transform an outdated fossil power plant into a green and cost effective energy concept through energy storage. We contribute with batteries as one of the three storage technologies. On the research side, representatives from Denmark, Germany and Poland participate. The project duration is 3.5 years, starting in 2023 and ending in 2026, where the total budget is SEK 145 million.

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Bengtsfors battery plant

In collaboration with Bengtsfors energi, we are building a large scale battery facility. The storage can be compared to a stationary power bank that takes care of excess energy and saves it for another occasion when the need arises. When the battery warehouse is ready, which is expected to be in 2025, it will be able to support the local electricity grid in Bengtsfors.

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Energy Director

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Together with PINI, PLS Energy Systems has developed a digital platform that offers the market a solution that can control various energy sources, such as solar energy, energy storage, hydropower, hydrogen production and other energy production using AI technology. 

Leader is an important collaboration partner that has been involved in the financing of the AI tool whose task is to manage buying and selling on the electricity price market.

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Gislaved Energipark

Gislaved Energipark is a unique energy park where the solution consists of three components in the form of solar cells that stand for energy extraction, energy storage with battery technology and hydrogen production.


Energy plant in Cyprus

Hybrid power plant with energy storage operated by the Cyprus Institute and consists of a hybrid inverter, battery technology and a solar cell plant. This renewable energy concept is also connected to a wind turbine.


Rwanda and Ghana

Collaborative project with East African Power (EAP) where the purpose was to electrify a library that enables education in Sonzu. 

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